Organic Licorice Root Sticks

Explore the holistic benefits of our certified Organic Licorice Root Sticks (Glycyrrhiza glabra), a staple in traditional Chinese medicine renowned for its extensive range of health benefits. Our licorice sticks are derived from the highest quality organic licorice root, ensuring a natural, potent remedy for various ailments.

Licorice root is celebrated for its powerful anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, particularly beneficial to the respiratory system. It also supports the adrenal glands through its effects as an adaptogen, helping the body manage stress more effectively. Additionally, licorice has been proven to aid in healing ulcers, offering a natural solution for digestive health.

While licorice root is known for its delightfully sweet taste, it uniquely does not impact blood sugar levels, making it a suitable option for a broad audience. It can be enjoyed as a tea that provides a sweet flavor profile without the drawbacks of sugar.

However, due to its ability to potentiate cortisol, the body’s natural steroid, individuals with high blood pressure should use licorice root judiciously—limiting intake to no more than 5 grams per day to avoid exacerbating their condition.

Whether used for its health-promoting properties or simply enjoyed in a naturally sweet tea, our organic licorice sticks offer a versatile and effective herbal remedy.

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