Organic Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena is a treasure trove of health benefits. It is particularly prized for its soothing properties that can alleviate mild stomach aches and promote digestive health. The lemony aroma and flavor of pure Lemon Verbena tea not only refreshes the palate but also offer a soothing effect on the mind, making it an excellent choice for those seeking relaxation and a positive lift in their mood.

Experience the delightful charm of our pure Lemon Verbena Tea, an organic brew that combines sublime taste with therapeutic benefits. Sourced from the finest Aloysia triphylla leaves, this tea is renowned for its crisp lemon flavor and its capacity to naturally elevate mood and ease digestion.

Ideal for any time of the day, this tea can be enjoyed hot for a comforting and warming experience or served iced for a revitalizing and cooling drink. Our organic lemon verbena is made entirely from organically grown leaves, ensuring that every cup you brew is free from synthetic chemicals and full of natural goodness. Check out our organic lemon verbena in our Organic Lemon Ginger Tea!

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