Hand Rolled All Natural Incense Sticks.

“Native traditions tell that where there is cedar, evil will not enter.” Certainly the fresh forest aroma of cedar will banish bad tempers and ill moods from your home, inviting peace and reflection instead.

Fred Soll’s Incense Sticks are of the highest quality, made with all natural herbs, resins, and essential oils, always free of chemicals and synthetic fragrances. An ancient Native American blend, Fred Soll’s Sage and Cedar incense is made from natural pinon resin, pure essential oils, and true Sage and Cedar powder.

Natural fragrances possess the power to stimulate healing, to remove distress, and uplift the spirit. Sweet aromas create a sense of joy and enhance any space.

This is a pack of 10 sticks, but many people get 2-3 sessions out of each stick.